8 Useful Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

  1. Your body's going through so much, so stay mindful and keep learning about the changes it's undergoing and your baby's growth. Talk to people who have been pregnant and experience labor and birth. We recommend you attend an early pregnancy childbirth class, read some books and watch more videos about pregnancy and childbirth.


  2. Do some research about where you want to give birth. After all, you need to select a health care provider who will be able to assist you in the location of your choice and who supports your belief about pregnancy and childbirth.


  3. Choose a well-balanced diet to support your pregnancy. Make sure your plate is as colorful as possible, which means eating more vegetables and fruits each day. Consume fresh but cooked fish 3 times a week, to get the fish oil that is needed for your baby’s brain development. And drink a lot of clean filtered water (about 8 glasses per day) and remember to choose fresh fruit juices (not those from concentrates).


  4. Talk to your baby and bond with them as soon as possible. Research has shown that babies start to respond to touch from 10 weeks of pregnancy onwards. Talk to your baby and enjoy your growing bond. Research now shows that babies react to the sense of touch as early as ten weeks of pregnancy. Over time, your baby will begin to react to light and human voices.


  5. Healthy pregnancies and active lifestyles go hand in hand. Discuss with your doctor about the exercise regimes that you can engage in. Consider taking up walking, swimming, prenatal exercise or prenatal dance classes if you weren't doing any form of physical activity before pregnancy. Regular, moderate exercise makes labor shorter and less painful and decreases the risk for cesarean surgery. 


  6. Avoid dangerous substances that are bad for you, your baby & their long-term health. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol to better protect your health as well as your little one. Don't ever take any medications without first consulting your doctor to make sure if they are safe for your pregnancy.


  7. Learn to manage the stress you are facing. It is important to keep communication open with your partner and find supportive friends to help you through difficult times. You can sign up for yoga classes or to learn breathing and other techniques for managing stress. These may come in handy during labor as well as for postpartum exercises.


  8. Remember to get lots of rest. Pay attention to your body, and recognise its need for short breaks in the day, and set a routine for the number of hours you need to sleep at night.



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Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

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